Work for Tuesday, March 31, and Wednesday, April 1

English III worked on essay writing. Have a rough draft on Thursday.

Novel had presentations and then read chapter 3 & 4 on Wednesday.

Photo finished presentations and received assignment 8. Upload photo story photos on Wednesday.

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Work for Monday, March 30

English III wrote a response journal over Carl Sandburg, took a quiz and began an essay.

Novel had presentations.

Photo had presentations.

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Work for Friday, March 27

Photo began presenting portraits.

Novel had a free journal. We discussed the book.

English III had no journal and read “Grass” by Carl Sandburg and did all the questions on page 498. Then we read Dave BArry’s “Hallowed Ground.” Here’s a link to that article:

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Work for Thursday, March 26

English III went over three more of Carl Sandburg’s poems. Get handouts and notes. No journal.

Photo has portrait presentations due tomorrow.

Novel read more in “The Secret Life of Bees” stopping at end of chapter 2. We did journal 30. Vision boards due Monday.

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Work for Wednesday, March 25

English III did journal 29. Journals collected. Oral Histories due tomorrow. Be sure to get the “Fog” handouts.

PhotoJ individual photo story conferences. Portraits due for presentation Friday.

Novel journal #31. Discussed first 24 pages of “The Secret Life of Bees.”

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Work for Tuesday, March 24

English III went to the library for a speed book activity.

Photo Uploaded portraits.

Novel began “The Secret Life of Bees” and stopped at the bottom of page 24, before the break, where it says “helping me absorb all his meanness.” Have this read by tomorrow.

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Work for Monday, March 23

English III classes had presentations. No journal.

Novel had journal #33 and we discussed the projects that are due and the class novel.

PhotoJ wrote captions, received handouts and portraits are due for upload tomorrow.

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