Work for Thursday, Oct. 8

English III students had journal #31. We finished Act 1 of the Crucible. Write a reaction to Act I in your journal.

PhotoJ planned and wrote captions.

Novel had journal #33 and received a figurative language handout.

Journalism turned in editorials. Rewrites will be due by the end of class tomorrow.

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Work for Wednedsay, Oct. 7

English III students did journal #30 and finished the college unit. Email due tomorrow.

Photo J learned about captions and began writing them.

Journalism worked on the editorial, which is due tomorrow.

Novel read and did journal #30. Figurative language notes.

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Work for Tuesday, Oct. 6

English III students were in the writing lab with guidance.

Journalism students read the editorial chapter.

Novel had journal #25 and finished with the S&S presentations.

Photo discussed projects with teacher and turned in worksheet from book.

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Work for Monday, Oct. 5

English III students were in the auditorium for a guidance/college presentation.

Novel read and did journal #31. Journals collected.

Photo J read in the Professional’s Approach book. Photo stories chapter.

Journalism turned in all work. New unit begins tomorrow.

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Work for Friday, Oct. 2

English III read more in the Crucible. No journal. No WS work.

Novel finished S&S movie.

Photo presented scavenger hunt. Portraits were assigned and due for upload Oct. 20.

Journalism sports rewrites are extended until Tuesday because of the fire drill. All feature rewrites are still due Monday.

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Work for Thursday, Oct. 1

English III read in Act One of the Crucible and began the packet. No journal.

Novel continued S&S. Journal is a Venn diagram with one of your characters and one of the movie characters.

Journalism turned in sports drafts. Rewrites due tomorrow.

PhotoJ presentations of scavenger hunt tomorrow. We read Chapter 5 in the professionals approach text.

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Work for Wednesday, Sept. 30

English III students read in the Crucible today. No journal.

Novel students continued to watch the movie. Essays are graded and will be returned.

Journalism students are working on revisions and sports stories.

PhotoJ students presented and we discussed portraits.

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