Work for Tuesday, Nov. 24

English III students wrote thank you cards. Grades are posted. These will be in the mail by 4 PM today.

Novel read their book of choice and had a free journal. Group time.

Photo had a work day.

Journalism worked on computers doing the layout paste up.

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Work for Monday, Nov. 23

English III students had a guidance presentation and finished the formative. These are all graded. I am starting to grade hour 3 essays. Hour 2 essays are finished. Tomorrow you need a stamp, a thank you card and an address to whom you are sending the card.

Photo J presented and received assignment 7, 10 and the final exam portfolio. The class is on work time except for presentation days of Dec. 5 and Dec. 11., then Dec. 15 through the day of the final. As soon as something is done, please present.

Journalism is working on Indesign. Packets are not graded, but all other assignments are graded.

Novel had journal #12 and a presentation on theme.

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Work for Thursday & Friday, Nov. 19 & 20

English III had journal #26 on Thursday and worked on grammar–the comma unit at

Journalism worked on yearbook layouts. All work turned in on Friday.

Novel had journal #13 on Friday. We finished presentations on Friday.

Photo J presented assignment 8 and 9.

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Work for Wednesday, Nov. 18

English III students need to remember that essays are due tomorrow. We worked on them in class today.

Novel read all hour.

Journalism worked with yearbooks. Two type worksheets have been collected.

Photo J presents assignment 9 tomorrow.

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Work for Friday, Nov. 6

English III worked on essays. The new due date for these is Nov. 19.

Novel continued mind map presentations.

Photo presented and also worked on projects.

Journalism turned in the captions.

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Work for Thursday, Nov. 5

No journals for English III or Novel.

English III test and started essay. Essay due date Nov. 17.

Novel presentations started.

Photo continues to work on assignment 8 & 9. Make up presentations tomorrow.

Journalism–more captions.

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Work for Wednesday, Nov. 4

English III has a test over Crucible tomorrow. We turned in an ACECE answer today for a grade. No journal.

Novel had journal #14. Mind maps are due tomorrow.

Journalism turned in columns and photos. Review due Friday.

Photo received Assignment 9. Due date Monday, Nov. 9.

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