Work for Tuesday, Sept. 1

Happy September! Hard to believe time is going so fast.

English III had a free journal, which is where you write about whatever you want. We continued to work in the writing packet, discussing hooks and background, which go in an introductory paragraph. We wrote a hook and background for our compare/contrast essay.

Photo J went around the school to take composition photos.

Novel discussed heroine archetypes. Plot assignment due tomorrow.

Journalism had an assignment out of the book–#10 on page 53. We wrote this in class and will finish tomorrow. Download the information from the text below.

Page 53 textbook

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Work for Monday, Aug. 31

English III had journal #8. We received our writing packets and completed a brainstorm comparing and contrasting De Las Casas and John Smith.

Novel had journal 8 and discussed archetypes. Plot is due on Wednesday.

Journalism read about and wrote feature leads. Ask for the handout.

Photo assignment 1 is due tomorrow.

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Work for Thursday, Aug. 27

Happy three day weekend!

English III had journal #16. Remember that Venn Diagrams are circles and that they should be labeled with a title and then each circle should have the character’s name. Also, you need at least three specific things in the center and five on the outside. Outside should be parallel. So if you write 14 year old, brown haired girl on the left, then you describe the other character on the right in the same fashion: 15 year old red haired boy. Please note, I should not see vague answers like boy, girl, etc.

Novel did not have a journal. We finished out presentations of the hero’s journey and we picked some television shows for our first assignment.

Photo finished presentations and began working on assignment 1. These are due Tuesday.

Journalism wrote news leads. Be sure to get the two handouts: news leads and style.

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Work For Wednesday, Aug. 26

English III wrote a journal on why they liked their book. Then we worked on an ethos/pathos/logos chart with people at my table.

Novel worked on their inner/outer journey charts. See journal under English III.

Photo has one more presentation and we’re finished.

Journalism is about to start writing. Be sure you’ve read chapter 10 and turned in the WS and chapter 5 of Bobby Hawthorne.

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Work for Tuesday, Aug. 25

English III students did journal #1. Also, we finished and turned in the book work from yesterday.

Novel students finished presentations. Journal #1.

Photo began presentations.

Journalism turned in WS from yesterday and did chapter 5 in Bobby Hawthorne.

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Work for Monday, Aug. 24

English III did not have a journal. We went into the blue lit books and read pages 102-107. On page 108 we did the entire page (1a-5b) and then on page 109 we answered the question on POV under understanding literature.

Novel read all hour.

Photo worked on Assignment 1. Presentations tomorrow.

Journalism read chapter 5 in The Radical Write and filled out a response worksheet.

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Work for Friday, Aug. 21

English III students played Puritan survivor. In our journals we did #2 over our book of choice. Then we wrote a reaction to our results in Puritan survivor. Did we live? Die? How hard was it to plan? Etc.

Novel had journal #2 and presented the plot summaries. We began the hero’s journey.

Photo finished presentations. These will be due Tuesday.

Journalism discussed interviews and leads.

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