Work for Tuesday, Feb. 9

English III students finished presentations today. Works Cited returned. If you scored a 21 or less, you can redo the assignment with the librarian. Be sure to see her before the assignment deadline passes. The slip must be signed and attached.

Novel watched Sense & Sensibility.

J2 worked on story telling and discussing what type of new elements are found in stories.

Photo had Day 2 of the scavenger hunt. Day 3 tomorrow.

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Work for Monday, Feb. 8

English III students had presentations today. Works Cited paper turned in.

Photo J scavenger hunt. Questions are graded and will be returned tomorrow.

Novel had journal #8 and began Sense & Sensibility.

J2 discussed telling stories. We watched this link:


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Work for Friday, Feb. 5

English III students have presentations, study island and works cited due on Monday.

Novel had a free journal. Essays due Monday.

Photo J received Assignment 4, turned in the lighting questions, and will start the scavenger hunt on Monday.

J2 discussed telling stories. Rest of videos watched.

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Work for Tues-Thursday, Feb. 2-4

English III students worked on the research project. Presentations may start on Monday. Works Cited due Monday. No journals.

Novel students had journal #2 this week and have been discussing setting. Archetype essay is due Monday.

Photo students completed Assignment 3 during this time.

J2 completed first video assignment during this time.

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Work for Monday, Feb. 1

Who would have thought it would be February already?

English III students continued work on the research project.

Photo J showed assignment 2. Assignment 3 begins tomorrow and is due Thursday.

Novel has the archetype essay next Monday. Today was a work day on it, as is tomorrow.

J2 videos are due on Wednesday.

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Work for Thursday, Jan 28, & Friday, Jan. 29

English III did not journal as all journals are in for collection. We began the research project. Remember that all Study Island work is due Feb. 8 at 7 a.m.

Photo shows assignment #2 on Monday.

Novel had journal #28 & 29 respectively and we also worked on archetypes.

J2 continues to work on first broadcast story.

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Work for Wednesday, Jan 27

English III finished presentations. Two reaction journals today. One on your thoughts on Thoreau, Emerson & Whitman (romanticism & Transcendentalism) and one on your reaction to the poems.

PHOTO worked on assignment 2.

Novel did not have a journal. We read and brainstormed female archetypes. Journals graded and returned.

J2 worked on finalizing scripts.

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